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On pourra consulter un praticien TNC pour des douleurs ou des raideurs du dos, des articulations : mal de dos, sciatique, lumbago, entorses, tendinites, arthrose, cicatrices, céphalée, ATM, etc.

This is not because we release a joint or muscle manipulation with the neuro-spasms officials have gone! These neuro-spasms are not localized only in relation with the joint or muscle with disturbed, they are installed on a whole chain that must be addressed in full for that blockages do not return. The concept of circuit and voltage projected is fundamental to understand that blocking is never isolated and there are several neuro-spasms that keep.

By manipulating a joint or muscle, it does not necessarily release the neuro-cutaneous spasms responsible for mess! By correcting against all neuro-spasm by acting on their points of skin tension, it automatically restores all associated musculoskeletal imbalances, even profound. This is why we must learn to detect these points of skin tension and correct. Because if after a corrective operation, these points were not skin rebalanced, joint and muscle disorders and associated energy blockages are present. They can at any time reappear pain.

This is why the TNC is a complementary tool for all therapists who wish to be more effective and especially avoid recurrence of pain in their clients.