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To function properly, each joint and tissue of the body should move correctly according to the laws that determine a healthy structural biomechanics.

Indeed, life is expressed in our body movement. So a good movement, good tissue “breathing” condition a healthy condition.

Several negative circumstances in our lives can alter health. Examples include accidents, awkward movements, colds, vicious postures…

What happens then? Once an imbalance occurs, a neuro-spasm appears.

This spasm causes blocking of soft tissue causing local vascular congestion, nerve compression, kinetic and muscle disorders, ligament and fascia tension.

This inevitably generates inflammation, pain and functional disorders.

Behind every musculoskeletal blocking, muscle spasm disorder or myo-fascial hides a spasm that must be corrected. Otherwise it can be installed one month, ten years or all our lives and maintain constant pain.

The TNC, acting on determined points of tensions, relaxes spasms responsible for our pain. These points, comparable to a fuse in the nervous system, gets “reprogram” immediately when correcting and thus restore the neuro-tissue balance. Then tension balance of muscles, ligaments and fascia is restore spontaneously, resulting in a greater overall body relaxation.

Only then the quality of the movements and health can freely flourish!